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Most people I know have a stack of books on the bedside table and a few others spread around the house. I am no different. I just seem to have a bigger backlog of stuff to read, and a desire to track what I've read.

I used to try to track what was in progress, what was in the backlog, etc., but that proved to be hopeless. All I've kept is the list of what has ended up in the "have-read" pile, but because I was sloppy at first, the older entries are merely a best-guess as to when I finished reading a book.

I also have a bad habit of being unwilling to reject a book. This really impairs how many books I get through, because I'm typically unwilling to abandon a book, so I just slow down, until it eventually joins the pile of half-read stuff on my nightstand, or I eventually finish it, or, rarely, I throw it across the room and utter the eight deadly words. (Rather, I utter the eight deadly words, and then I realize what I have done, and I throw the book across the room.)

I've also started to track book-equivalent works, especially stuff online. If it'll stand on a shelf, or if published, the physical copy would stand on a shelf, it's fair game to call a "book". This includes webcomics. So while I don't include my normal selection of webcomics in this list, if I read a web-comic from start-to-now, it's fair game; and if I go back and reread a web-comic across "book boundaries", that's fair game as well.

As I finish a book, I might make a comment about it on the Book Log. (Depends on how lazy I'm feeling. Lately I've been quite lazy.)

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